Marine Tank Competition
Aquarama 2007

Aquarama is an international aquarium fish and accessories trade show held in Singapore every 2 years. They have tropical fish competitions for discus, guppies, arowanas and bettas. Aquarama also has a competition for aquarium planted tanks and marine tanks. Peter Thode took a video of the the saltwater reef tank competition. The reef aquarium setups were gorgeous. Lots of beautiful hard and soft corals artistically arranged with very colorful saltwater fish. The reef tank exhibition was one of the most popular events at the show. Below are photos of the winning saltwater aquariums and a video of the entries in Aquarama's 2007 marine tank competition.

reef tank 3rd place aqaurama 20073rd Place Marine Tank Winner - Aquarama 2007


reef tank 2nd place winner Aquarama 20072nd Place Marine Tank Winner - Aquarama 2007

reef tank 1st place winner Aquarama 2007

1st Place Marine Tank Winner - Aquarama 2007


Here's a video of the beautiful saltwater reef tank display competition held at Aquarama in Singapore. It's interesting to see how you can set up a saltwater aquarium in many different ways with gorgeous saltwater fish, invertebrates and hard and soft corals. Watch the video in high definition to see better details of the saltwater reef tank exhibitions.