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Inti Aquarium - World's Largest
Discus Fish Hatchery

by Glen Thode

While Peter Thode was attending the Aquarama Fish Show, held in Singapore in 2007, he got an invitation to visit the world's largest discus fish hatchery... Inti Aquarium.

Inti Aquarium is an amazingly, large discus fish hatchery located in Medan, Indonesia. It is owned by 2 brothers: Yung Kay Tai and Yung Kay Cheong. They breed and raise discus fish and arowanas.

Their tropical fish hatchery is huge. It has to be seen to be believed. They had over 3000 large aquariums and hundreds of concrete vats. Their tanks were full of gorgeous discus fish. At the time of Peter's visit, they had 36 full time employees and 680 breeding pairs of discus and were busy adding another large section of aquariums to their tropical fish hatchery.

One thing that sets Inti Aquarium apart from most other discus farms around the world(besides their size), is that they artificially raise all of their discus. The eggs are taken away from the breeding pairs and placed in white bowls. They raise the fry in the bowls using Jack Wattley's artificial breeding method which they have perfected.

Inti Aquarium sells most of their fish to Asia(mainly Japan and Singapore) and some to Europe(mostly Germany).

Peter had a great time visiting this amazing discus fish hatchery. Here's a video that he took while visiting Inti Aquarium.