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Gorgeous Tangerine Discus Fish for Sale!
3.5 - 4 inches in size - $70.00 each (Sold Out)

tangerine discus fish

Special Angelfish Fish for Sale is Over

Young Adult Black Angelfish - $10.00 each (Sold Out)

Young Adult Black Veil Tail Angelfish - $15.00 each (Sold Out)

$150.00 minimum order of angelfish for us to ship.
Call for shipping quote. 410-356-7557

Young Adult Tangerine Discus & Pigeon Blood Discus
4.0 - 5.0 inches in size for only $85.00 (Sold Out) each.

Tangerine Discus Fish
Some of our gorgeous Tangerine Discus Fish.
Pigeon Blood Discus Fish
Pigeon Blood Discus

Look at one of our previous customers planted aquarium with these gorgeous fish.

Our Customer's Tangerine/Pigeon Blood Discus Planted Aquarium