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Albino Bristlenose Ancistrus ($12.50 each). These albino bristlenose ancistus are a wonderful community tank fish. They are a very peaceful tropical fish and will help clean algae off the glass. Unlike plecos, they will not pose any danger to your discus fish. Even though the ancistrus is a vegetarian, it will not harm your planted aquarium. But they will clean and eat all the algae they can find in your tank.

albino bushy nose ancistrus

The albino bristlenose ancistrus are primarily vegetarians. Feed them fresh zucchini or cucumber slices, algae wafers, vegetable flake fish food and frozen bloodworms. Also, always provide them with a small piece of driftwood to help them digest their food. You can tie fresh slices of zucchini and cucumber to the driftwood with a rubber band and watch them happily gorge their food. These ancistrus usually don't get much larger than 5 inches in size. The water temperature of the aquarium should be 74 - 82 degrees.

They love eating zucchini!