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Pigeon Blood Discus Pair with Fry

Pigeon blood discus pair with fry

Pigeon blood discus fry feeding off their Dad. 

Pigeon blood mated discus pair

These are discus fry swimming back and forth between their parents. Their bellies are fat after being fed live daphnia. Fry this size are large enough to be removed from their parents. 

Discus Pair with fry

Most of our discus fish pairs are kept in 50 gallon aquariums. 

discus fish breeders in 50 gallon aquarium

The fry have grown very quicky.  They no longer eat off of their parents. They will soon be moved to another aquarium and the parents will start the breeding cycle all over again.

pigeon blood discus pair

This spawn had about 80 discus fish fry.