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Male Pigeon Blood Discus with Fry

male pigeon blood discus with baby fry

A beautiful sight to see! This is what every discus fish hobbyist breeder would love to see in their own aquarium. The pigeon blood discus fish was developed in Thailand. The pigeon blood discus is probably the best selling discus strain around the world.

pigeon blood discus with baby fry

Dad is engulfed in fry. They feed on both sides of their parents. If you look closely at the discus fry, you can see their stomachs are bulging. They just got done eating live baby brine shrimp. Start feeding live baby brine shrimp several days after the fry are free swimming. By then, the discus fry are usually large enough in size to eat the live food.

Pigeon blood discus fish with fry

As soon as the discus fry start leaving the sides of their parents and start feeding on their own, you can separate them into another aquarium. These pigeon blood discus fry are now large enough to be on their own. You should feed the discus fry small amounts of food at least 5 times a day.

closeup photo of pigeon blood discus fry

It should take 2 1/2 months for these fry to reach sellable size. You can separate the young discus fry from their parents as soon as they leave the sides of their parents and start feeding on their own. The discus fry, in the photo above, are easily large enough to be removed from their parents. Once the fry are removed, hopefully the parents will start breeding again.

male pigeon blood guarding discus fry

Dad is keeping a close watch over his fry. Our discus breeding pairs are kept in 50 gallon aquariums or 35 gallon aquariums that we made ourselves. We like to give our discus breeding pairs plenty of room. This allows them to easily raise their fry for several weeks, without them getting over crowded.