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Tangerine Discus Fish Breeding Pair

Mated Tangerine Discus Pair guarding eggs on cone

Here's one of our breeding pair of tangerine discus guarding eggs on a cone. We use cones and PVC pipe as spawning substrates for our discus breeding pairs. Clay pots, bricks and flat pieces of spawning slate(leaning against the aquarium) can also be used. It's very important to keep the spawning surface clean. Thoroughly clean the spawning substrates at least every week.

Photo of Adult Tangerine Discus Fish

The tangerine discus is a type of pigeon blood discus. It has a beautiful orange - tangerine color in the body of the fish. The body of the tangerine discus is usually solid in color with very little peppering. The head, face and fins can have a little bit of mother and pearl color striations. The body edges are usually a darker, reddish orange color. These discus look great in an aquarium with live aquatic plants.

tangerine discus fry

Some young Tangerine Discus fish just starting to show color.