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Turquoise Discus with Fry

Turquoise Discus Fish with lots of fry

That's a lot of fry. Whenever you have a discus breeding pair that has a very large spawn, it's always important to feed the fry lots of baby brine shrimp. If you don't feed them baby brine shrimp, the fry could possibly eat holes into their parents bodies, causing sores and even death. It's probably a good idea to move large spawns away from their parents as soon as possible. You should constantly check for sores on breeding pairs when they have fry. And make sure you are also supplying lots of food for the young discus fry.

beautiful adult male discus closeup

One of our adult Turquoise discus(named "Poser")that just kept on posing for the camera. No wonder discus fish are considered the “King of the Aquarium”.