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Used 275 Gallon Water Storage
Containers for Sale : $225.00

275 gallon(1000 liters) used IBC Totes for sale. These bulk tote containers have been used once and were washed and rinsed. These storage containers are ideal for aging replacement water for your discus aquariums. You can also store R.O. water for discus and reef tanks. You can also use them to store rainwater for your garden. The dimensions of these plastic, storage container totes are: Length 48 inches, Width 40 inches, Height 46 inches.

275 gallon bulk tote storage container

The totes have a metal, tubular cage surrounding the plastic storage container. These totes also have a 4-way entry, metal/plastic pallet bottom for easy moving. The totes have a 6 inch opening on top with a screw on cap and a 2" threaded ball valve at the bottom. These IBC totes are the same type of water storage containers used at the International Discus Show in Duisburg, Germany to store water for the discus fish aquariums. If interested in purchasing a 275 gallon used bulk tote container, just call 410-356-7557. The cost is $225.00 per container. Sorry, no shipping. Tote containers must be picked up at the hatchery.